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The Issues in our Tissues: When Pain Has Purpose

What's the purpose of pain? When we're in discomfort, it can be a challenge to see beyond the reductionist allopathic model (e.g. my neck hurts, so I'll adjust or numb the neck) to a more expansive view of perceiving the physical symptoms as Divine messengers. When pain persists, it's helpful to ask whether it carries a message we need to integrate in order to restore our spiritual-emotional-physical being to wholeness.

I woke up one recent Saturday morning with a really bad stiff neck. Massage therapy, a soak in the tub, and numerous chiropractic adjustments all provided some temporary relief, but the neck pain persisted for a week. I wanted this pain in the neck gone already!

Looking for physical relief, I brought the condition up in a PSYCH-K® session with a partner. The PSYCH-K® process quickly revealed that the condition had a helpful message for me to integrate before it could be resolved. So, this pain had a higher purpose. The message, expressed in a photo of a Buddhist monk and teacher on the wall, led me to balance my subconscious beliefs around my body as the teacher and my willingness to learn from it.

An action step popped into mind – a meditation called Feeding Your Demons. As I fed the neck pain demon, it exposed the root emotional issue behind the pain - a past dharma friendship in which sexual boundaries were mutually but unwisely crossed – and the message in the photo came into full understanding. I completed the meditation and when I opened my eyes, the neck pain was completely resolved. And it hasn't come back.

I love how the essence of PSYCH-K®, staying open and curious, transforms our “limitations” into possibilities for growth and transformation. Is there a situation or physical condition in your life that might carry a message for you to integrate?

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